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May 28, 2020


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Ideas for a perfect micro wedding

Micro weddings seems to be the new trend. A destination wedding is always a great idea, as you and your guests can enjoy spending time together at a beautiful place. Planning a wedding is definitely a huge undertaking and of course, requires a good budget to pull it all together. A micro wedding is an intimate affair with typically no more than 50 guests. You still can enjoy all the traditions of a destination wedding, like a first look, exchanging vows and having a ceremony. Why having a simple wedding at the courthouse, which in all honesty is not something to look back at, and not enjoy visiting a picturesque destination with just your closest friends and families?

Here is a micro wedding in Santorini that got featured in Martha Stewart Weddings.


micro wedding decoration


Let’s get started on what you need to do.

Find your ideal venue. Depending on the exact number of guests, you need a venue that’s neither too small to get crowded or too big for people to get scarce.

Hire a photographer. No matter how big or small your wedding is, a photographer is an important part of your day. You want these moments beautifully documented. Maybe you won’t need 10 or even 8 hours of coverage, or even a second shooter, so talk to your photographer about creating a custom offer.

Get dressed up. Having a smaller, more intimate wedding doesn’t mean you should overlook the factor of attire. A nice gown and tuxedo will make you feel more confident and look sharp. Something your grandchildren will see when look back at your wedding photos 50 years from now.

Another micro wedding in Santorini to get inspiration from. There are many places in Europe, ideal for a micro wedding. Santorini is definitely one of the best places for micro weddings.  Another one would be Ravello in the Amalfi Coast. More specifically the Belmond Hotel Caruso and Villa Cimbrone are ideal venues for micro weddings in Amalfi.


micro wedding ideas


Positano offers some great choices too. Hotel Maricanto offers a great view to Positano and has the perfect space for a micro wedding.

Saving budget by having a micro wedding, means that you can maybe invest a bigger part on making things beautiful. Most probably, you will be pleasantly surprised by how much you have saved and want to invest more in the flowers. Your florist should have some creative ideas on how to reuse flowers from the ceremony at the reception and by having a smaller wedding, means that there is time for them to do so.

Bonus idea. Instead of having a DJ, you can hire a band. Because micro wedding receptions are typically smaller, local musicians will be able to take requests and keep everyone entertained. Plus it adds a local note to your destination wedding.

Use one long family-style table. This way your guests will feel special and more connected.


micro wedding reception


Make it meaningful. I’m a huge fan of personal vows as it makes your special day, exactly that, personal. It’s all about you on that day so make the most of it and exchange some words of love with your better half.

Take better care of your guests. By having a micro wedding, means that you will be able to share more time with your guests. Who doesn’t want that, right? You can also add special touches like a special favor or a handwritten note. You’re guaranteed to have a more personal connection with each guest so taking care of these little things goes a long way.

If you’re planning a micro wedding, I would be happy to share more of my thoughts. Feel free to contact me.

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The Clover club Wedding guide

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