4 Reasons to have a wedding in Santorini

Getting married in Santorini. 4 Reasons people choose Santorini as their wedding destination

1. The stunning wedding backdrop.

A wedding in Santorini, first of all, has a stunning backdrop. It’s something we all have heard or read about it: the traditional architecture of the whitewashed buildings, the magnificent colors of the sky at the sunrise and at the sunset, the churches with the blue domes and the volcanic-sand beaches.

2. The romantic vibe.

But the WOW factor of a wedding in Santorini is a certain vibe that just can’t be described in words. “The magical vibes of this island which make every love story last forever.”

Now, I’m quoting Anna and Vangelis. I met them a few years ago when they eloped and hired me as their wedding photographer. Their love story is outstanding… A story that makes you think that life sometimes imitates art. Anna and Vangelis first met in Santorini when they were teenagers during vacations with their families. After few days, Anna went back to Chicago and Vangelis to Athens. They never spoke again, but as they both confessed, they were thinking each other for years. They were thinking what would have happened if they stayed in touch. At some point, Anna moved to New York and so did Vangelis. And they met again. They eloped in Santorini a few weeks later. This is a love story that will last forever. Their story is one of the most romantic stories I have ever heard.

It’s true that Santorini is one of the most romantic wedding destinations in the world. Couples from all over the world from Los Angeles to Paris and from Singapore to Sydney arrive to Santorini to get married or spend their honeymoon.  While walking in the streets of the most picturesque villages, in Oia or Fira, it’s most probably you’ll see a bride and groom having their photos taken.

3. The countless options.

Besides the romantic vibes of this Greek island, there are plenty of choices for your dream wedding. There are a lot of options either you pick a wedding package all inclusive or plan a luxurious wedding in a private villa or a boho wedding on the beach. A wedding ceremony and a reception can be held in wedding venues with a magnificent view that overlook the Caldera, or at a santorinian terrace in hotels that can accommodate the couple and their guests. In traditional wineries, on a sailboat, in the picturesque churches (if it is a religious ceremony) The choices of a couple that is getting married in Santorini for all the wedding details are countless. And there are a lot of experienced people that will help you plan your wedding day and your stay on the island.

4. The magnificent light.

I really have to say, that as a wedding photographer, I have documented a great variety of weddings in Santorini, elopements, civil weddings, symbolic weddings and of course engagements sessions etc, the light of this Greek island is unique. Well, the truth is that picking the right time for your wedding is crucial in wedding photography. It’s so much different from a styled shoot or an editorial where you have the luxury to pick the time and if something goes wrong, you can repeat it the next day. But during a real wedding, everything is unique and happens once. And in Santorini, a professional (and experienced) wedding photographer can have as his ally the magnificent light of the island.

Please feel free to ask, I will be happy to suggest you some of the best wedding planners in Santorini or some of the best places on the island for the photos to be taken. As I know it can be stressful to plan a wedding overseas without sometimes visiting the venues or meeting your wedding vendors in person.

Let's turn your love story into art.