Elias was born and raised in Greece, and have to say proudly, it is a good place to come from. It is the place where he met the love of his life (who fortunately for him became his wife). The place he calls home and the one who taught him -as it has taught the world- the value of heritage.

Having trotted the farthest corners of the globe -and with so many more wedding destinations yet to discover- his life is dedicated to the fine pursuit of magic. You see, in magic, the only constant is the hand, which is always there, and in life’s finest moments our personal stamp is the very essence of magic.

In this fine journey, meeting couples and families filled to the brims with grace and love for life, he carries the feeling that we constantly keep discovering stories that don’t give themselves up easily, stories decrypted and memories beyond passing fades. Elias yearns to create imagery withstanding value that captures people at their best.

Working seamlessly with his clients, aside a coterie of the finest wedding designers and wedding planning smiths, sparks his creativity and always allows him to keep that joy, that enthusiasm everyone is able to feel.

Curating collections of his couples’ fondest memories soaked in natural light, and composing what is palpable and at the same time reveals the power of emotions is what his wedding photography is all about. The only rule it obeys is much like the one magic abides by: utter elegance.