“What does love look like? It has the hands to help others.”

_ Saint Augustine

It won’t suffice to live and breathe love, joyful moments, relationships, grace and family bonds without being able to honor and extend our affection to those in need.  Today, an estimated 300 million children are subjected to violence, exploitation, and abuse, while an approximate 150 million are orphans. As the son of an orphaned father and fortunate enough to document the love of families across the world, Elias Kordelakos wishes to extend his gratitude for the blessings and the gifts of life he receives through his work, with an ongoing annual holiday contribution for the holistic care of children. The Ark of The World is a charitable non-profit organization for the protection of single mothers and orphaned children. In collaboration with Juvenile Divisions, protection agencies and services for children’s rights, the Ark undertakes the raising of children in its four accommodation homes.