How do you know if a photographer is legit

There is a certain charm in the wedding industry. It’s all about beautiful moments, great parties, impressive decorations and picturesque locations. But what happens when the lights go out? What goes behind the scenes? This post is going to be an attempt of how to check if your wedding photographer is legit. What, wait a minute there is a chance they are not? The short answer is yes. Please read on to understand what are the most common mistakes couples do when they try to find the best wedding photographer for their special day and how to avoid them.

Are you searching for a wedding photographer through Instagram?

Instagram is the most trending social media, especially for photographers to showcase their best images. Please bear in mind that the images you see on a photographer’s Instagram feed, are exactly that. Their best pictures. So first of all you need to visit the photographer’s website and look at some galleries to understand their style from the start of the day until the end. You don’t want to have just one amazing photo of your special day and the rest being mediocre. Even more, when you make a shortlist of the photographers you like to document your wedding, please take the time to have a video call with them. Make sure you are a good fit, you like their character and vibes. It’s vital to connect with the people you will share your most private moments with and you will capture your emotions. Make sure you understand each other in the style and the process of the work. Let them walk you through their work process.

Another thing that needs to accentuated, is that many photographers that are just starting out are presenting pictures from workshops or/and editorial shoots as real weddings. Beware! There is no way to compare a picture taken at an editorial, styled shoot or workshop with a picture from a real wedding. The circumstances are by far different. Also, it is now becoming a trend for workshops and editorial shoots to work with model couples, so it looks more realistic. A model knows how to pose and expects the minimum guidance from the photographer. On the exact opposite, everyone else who is not a model, expects their photographer to help them feel at ease and look their best. Not an easy thing to do if you don’t have the experience.


bride with bridesmaids group shot list


Check out their online reviews

One of the best ways to easily understand if the photographer you’re looking to hire is as good as you think, is to check their online reviews. See what other couples had to say about their work, their attitude, how they made them feel. Make sure you’re seeing reviews posted on Google, Facebook, Weddingwire or other trusted platform, not just the photographer’s website. It’s more than easy for a non-legit photographer to write a couple’s “review” on their own website.

Check out their online publications

Having real weddings published on coveted blogs and magazines like Martha Stewart, BRIDES, Style Me Pretty, Carats & Cake, Magnolia Rouge & more is something I gave a lot of effort at. To have a wedding published a photographer needs to have a certain level of work and consistency throughout their work. You need to have images that are perfect and under all light conditions. Make sure you see their work published, as some ‘professionals’ in their effort to present themselves as something better than they actually are, are showing badges or claiming they are selected by this or that magazine without that being true.




I am not sharing all this just to be critical or to nag about other professionals in the industry. I am doing it to protect the industry from having people that actually hurt it. Because if you think about it, you can fool someone once but if you do it repeatedly then you’re causing a problem. And these people are causing problems to the young professionals that want to be part of this industry by creating false impressions.

Talent is greatly appreciated to an artist but it’s not enough for a wedding photographer.

Weddings are once-in-a-lifetime events but you will be investing a respectable budget, so make sure you perform your due diligence.

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