Scouting wedding locations in Italy – A roadtrip

Some of the best wedding destinations and wedding locations in Italy

Where in Italy should I get married? Oh boy, that’s going to be difficult to answer! So many excellent choices and beautiful wedding locations to have your destination wedding in Italy!

It is official! I have fallen in love with Italy! It’s the culture, the people, the light, the vibes. Everything about Italy makes me think happy thoughts! This was the second time my wife and I visited Italy and this time we decided to have a road trip to explore all the gems of this great country. As a destination wedding photographer, I just love to travel and Italy is on the top of my list! On this post, I had the chance to visit some very popular wedding locations in Italy.

We began our trip in Italy from the capital of the fashion, Milan. Our next stop was Verona and Portofino. I must admit that I could seriously move and live to Portofino! One of the most picturesque places I have visited in my life. Well, the next day was, even more, jaw-dropping as we headed to Lake Como. The lake is so vast, you can easily think you are in the sea! The beautiful village of Bellagio is full of historic hotels and a great garden worth to visit. Once you are in Northern Italy, you must pay a visit to Venice. With its canals and buildings poses as the princess of the North. The trip’s closing destination would be Verona. The romantic city where the story of Romeo and Juliet unraveled. Have a look at the following photographs from our trip to Northern Italy and hopefully, I will make you travel with these images and choose Italy as your wedding location.

wedding destinations in italywedding locations in Italy

wedding destinations in italyMilan wedding locations in Italy

wedding destinations in italy

wedding in portofino italy

portofino wedding destination in Italywedding destinations in italy

Welcome to the enchanting Lake Como, one of the most popular wedding destinations in Italy! I would say that, like Tuscany, Lake Como is full of photographic opportunities and the villas surrounding it, offer a great wedding experience. Some of the most luxurious and chic weddings in Italy take place here.

Lake como wedding destination in italywedding destinations in italy

Venice is a well known romantic destination for weddings and elopements. Who doesn’t dream of taking a gondola tour in the canals looking at the beautiful architecture of the buildings? If you are planning your dream wedding in Venice, make sure you contact a local wedding planner to help you turn this dream into reality!

venice wedding destination in italy

wedding in Venice

wedding in Italy

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