I'm a hopeless romantic who finds great joy in creating and capturing connection and beauty wherever I go.


Everything in this world is allegorical, sighs the traveler, but who will give us the keys? Seafaring, boarding, walking in the shoes of a constant flaneur. Life is a torrent of signs and images. Skyscraper-etched skylines, the pulse of dazzling cities, the calm of raw landscapes backlit by the rising sun, cultural hinterlands and vivid islands, a whirring balletic world of scapes and movement,  the theater of oceans and clockwork shifting palettes… one of my biggest challenges has always been to encapsulate the beauty of this world in motion, around vertiginous and undiscovered lands. From the most coveted to the most awe-inspiring and humbling places around the globe, much like shooting destination weddings,  travel photography has become one of my firm favorites, with an ever-evolving desire to reflect every burst of color and light. Follow in my footsteps and perhaps my wanderlust will fuel yours.

©elias kordelakos