Elias Kordelakos is
an international wedding photographer
with a passion for documenting love stories in remarkable places.






Capturing authentic love stories in the world’s most breathtaking locations is my signature service and without coincidence, combines my couples’ enthusiasm for exhilarating adventure and timeless romance. 




"Hiring Elias was the best decision we made for our day."

sidney & Lucas

A harmonious blend of fine-art imagery, editorial illustrations, and photojournalism will retell the story of your destination wedding for years to come.

Everyday love deserves to be celebrated too and a portrait session is the perfect opportunity to document some of life’s intimate interactions. My approach comprises artistic vision and simplicity, gently leading you through movement suggestions rather than poses for images that capture you at your most relaxed, natural, and in love. 


a day together


"He is kind, witty, caring, and made our weddding all the more special by being a part of it.
The work that Elias does speaks for itself. You can see his images and understand exactly why he has such an impeccable rating for his work across Europe. What I would say stands out even more than his excellent products is his personality. "

Maria & Joe

Wedding in Santorini

What could be more romantic than escaping to a destination you’ve always dreamed of?

Having a portrait session is the smartest idea to make the best of your destination wedding!


to the end of the world


"Just after one look at Elias's work we knew he was the one.
 Not only is Elias a wonderful person he not only captured the best moments of our journey but also made them feel more special along the way. It really was a pleasure to meet and get to know him."

Lisa & Steve

Wedding in Santorini

It takes expertise, confidence, and trust to know when to retreat and allow true emotions to surface and when to step in and give guidance. Years of photographing couples in love has taught me to look beyond the interactions that can be seen by the eye and to actually feel what’s going on around me. The outcome is imagery that evokes feeling and rouses memories for a timeless recollection of your everlasting love story.



While I am deeply devoted to my art, I value my clients’ experience and the impact of my work above all. In seeking images that capture fleeting moments and oft-forgotten details, I practice ideals and principles that will ensure your wedding day is truly an occasion to be celebrated and is magical in every way possible. 

A joyful experience FOR


Essential for creating my signature imagery, I believe wholeheartedly in being prepared. Scouting your wedding location is always a top priority well in advance of your nuptials. Taking time to find the best spots for your portraits and to discover that enchanting, luminous light is an important part of my process.

KNOWING all the best spots.



Europe is home to some of the world's finest wedding venues that combine breathtaking scenery, historic architecture, iconic landmarks, and incomparable culture. More Popular destinations include Lake Como, Provence, Tuscany, Paris, the Amalfi Coast, and the Greek Islands. Each of these places is wonderfully unique and has its merits. Equally, there are location-specific limitations to also consider. Learn more about why couples trust me with capturing their destination wedding.



Discover your dream destination


Invest in a wedding planner


Your wedding is surely one of the most important days of your life. With just one opportunity to enjoy this special occasion surrounded by family and friends, hiring a professional to oversee the planning and execution of your celebration is invaluable. 

Your wedding planner and I will work together to make certain every precious detail of your day is captured. An experienced planner allows me to focus on creating my signature imagery with the knowledge that they are handling all of the logistics. The result is a seamless partnership and a beautiful, relaxed wedding!

Consider your timeline


I like to have a hands-on approach when it comes to determining your wedding day timeline. Natural light is of high importance when it comes to capturing your event. 

Together with your wedding planner, my objective is to build a schedule that allows adequate time for your photographs, with the necessary safeguard included so that your experience is both relaxed and enjoyable. 

Your photography coverage will be a mix of details, portraiture, and natural moments. The end result when everything is planned to perfection is a harmonious balance of people, places, finer points, and feelings. 

Select a visually pleasing space for your preparation


Every celebration begins with getting ready, which is where I capture all of your wedding day details as well as your first portraits. Considering the backdrop for these images is important. From hotel rooms to private homes, selecting a location with plenty of space and natural light is favorable. For a consistent look and feel throughout your photographs, I recommend finding a place to get ready that has a similar aesthetic to your wedding venue

When selecting your wedding's decoration, take into consideration the overall look and feel of your venue and surroundings. This will help to have a more natural and elegant look. Select up to three colours when deciding for your wedding's palette.

Small pieces make the big picture

Request an unplugged ceremony


The recent trend promoting ‘unplugged’ ceremonies, where all guests are kindly asked to put away their devices for the duration of the ceremony, is very much encouraged. An unplugged ceremony allows your family and friends to be entirely present during this significant moment and as an added bonus, I am able to capture genuine emotions and reactions without being obscured by an enthusiastic guest with an iPad or cellphone. 

More smiling, less worrying


If I had to share only one piece of advice with you, it would be one from my own wedding day experience. Relax, feel every moment, let your emotions surface, be yourself, and above all have fun. It’s time to let go, enjoy and leave the rest to me.

I’m an advocate of the First Look for many reasons, one of which is the opportunity it provides to capture you at your best. Having some of your portraits taken before your ceremony allows you more time to be with your guests, in addition it often results in some emotionally authentic images, as well as calming any unnecessary stress prior to your ceremony. The only time I will request you to leave the celebrations for a brief time is to capture some additional photographs taken as the sun sets. You can read more on my thoughts about having a First Look.

Contemplate a First Look


It is not uncommon for a couple to be apprehensive about how they will look in their wedding photographs. Please know that this feeling is completely natural. My approach to capturing your love story is one that balances artistic creativity and authenticity for an experience that is relaxed and enjoyable. The result? A beautiful wedding day with images to remember it by forever.

Let ME capture Your Love Story.


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©elias kordelakos