Some ideas why you should have a first look on your wedding day


First look, or not to first look, that is the controversial question. It shouldn’t be though. In most cases, a first look is the best thing to do!

But, what are first look wedding photos?

The short answer here is, a trend in the wedding photography that breaks tradition but is meaningful.

Respecting every couple’s personal feelings about it, let’s look closer at which option is right for which type of couple.

When you should consider having first look wedding photos?

If you want to relieve nerves and spend time with your love earlier in the day, or your ceremony takes place at sunset (and thus won’t have proper light for portraits after) you might want to consider doing a first look.


First Look wedding photos


First looks allow you to have ample, stress-free, private time for photos with your partner without loads of onlookers. Even if you have the option to leave the ceremony venue and have photos on another location, chances are there are going to be people around.

As an added bonus to save time, you can take your bridal party and family photos beforehand to allow moving to the party straight after the ceremony. This is also helpful for us photographers to dedicate more time to take pictures of the reception setup.

Capturing raw feeling and emotions. One of the main reasons, I love shooting first look wedding photos! As a wedding photographer, I can assure you that EVERY time there are emotional pictures at a first look. You get to forget about all the little details and just let yourself express and your feelings surface. When you are into your better half’s hug it’s all you need, right?

Please see some examples of first look wedding photos from Santorini, Paris,  Amalfi,  and ask yourselves if you can feel the emotions of these couples even if you don’t actually know them!


First Look wedding photosFirst Look wedding photos


Having a first look doesn’t necessarily mean that you shouldn’t have a portrait session after the ceremony. It means that you can minimize the time of it. The best scenario, if you ask me, is to have a first look and then have another portrait session of about 20′ after the ceremony, so you can have pictures closer to sunset.


First Look wedding photosFirst Look wedding santorini


Why take portraits after the Ceremony: Dreaming of that magic moment when you see your partner for the first time walking down the aisle? Me too! It was one of the most memorable moments from my own wedding, can tell you for sure. If you skip the first look, I recommend holding your ceremony sooner before sunset, to allow plenty of light for photos together during and after the “I do’s”.

The first look idea surely creates beautiful and emotionally strong images. It is something that you should consult with your photographer for the specifics.


First Look wedding photos


And some bonus tips

Bonus tip 1:  You can exchange your private vows after the First Look. Say the things you want to your better half, in total privacy! That is something very romantic and special. Plus, if you have a videographer, they would love to capture the audio and use it in your movie. Told you, you’re stars!

Bonus tip 2: A First Look doesn’t necessarily have to be one. No pun intended. You can also/alternatively set up a daughter-father First Look! I’ve witnessed some very emotional moments in situations like this!

Bonus tip 3: Family formals. At certain occasions, we have done family formals after the first look and your couple’s session. Thus, reducing the time that I’ll need to steal you away from your guests after the ceremony.

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