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Best wedding venues in Santorini

Santorini is one of the most popular wedding destinations in Greece. It’s the best idea for a micro wedding. That’s because its venues are built exactly for that. The spaces they provide are ideal for elopements up to weddings of 40-50 people. If you’re planning an intimate wedding, you don’t want a huge venue where your guests will be scattered and feel lost in it. You want a place that will feel cozy and welcoming.

Weather in Santorini

A quick note about the weather in Santorini. As most of the Greek islands, Santorini has perfect weather conditions for the whole summer. The air is dry and the chances of rain are extremely slim. You shouldn’t be worried for your venue to have an indoor space. The best time to get married in Santorini is from early May until early October.


The only thing you should consider in Santorini is that almost all venues have a curfew. Because Santorini is an amphitheatrical island, sounds travel easier. And as they’re a lot of hotels on the island, the respectful thing to do is to stop partying at midnight. There are certain exceptions to this rule of venues that are on more secluded or remote locations. Make sure you ask the venue if there is a curfew and at what time.

Some of the best wedding venues in Santorini are

Rocabell Hotel

Rocabella Santorini wedding

Fantastic view to Oia and the volcano, great lighting, and lots of ways to decorate the space to your liking.

Best wedding venues in Santorini Rocabella

The Rocabella hotel in Santorini can serve perfectly for an all-inclusive venue, meaning that you can have your preparations there, as the rooms have great light and architecture, and of course the ceremony and the reception. One of the many benefits of the Rocabella is that it’s only 5 min drive from one of the best spots for photos in Santorini!

wedding in Rocabella hotel Santorini-1


Canaves Suites

Canaves is famous for its balcony that oversees the ocean in a magical way. Perfect spot to exchange your vows. Ideal for small weddings.

Canaves suites wedding Santorini


Villa Nafsika

Villa Nafsika is of the few wedding venues in Santorini that does not have a curfew. It is in a secluded location, providing you more privacy and can host bigger weddings up to 100 people. It’s practically a private villa. It hosts a big outdoor area where you can have your reception and cocktail hour and a small balcony perfect for your ceremony. It’s close to some of the best spots for photos too.

Villa Nafsika Santorini wedding


Cavo Tagoo

Cavo Tagoo is very close to the Rocabella hotel, with great exteriors and a culture of its own.

Cavo Tagoo Santorini 1

Cavo Tagoo Santorini wedding

Cavo Tagoo Santorini 3


Cavo Ventus

Cavo Ventus is another private villa. It has pracically 3 balconies with view to the cladera where you can have your ceremony, cocktail hour and reception at different stages. Great indoor light too and close to some of the best spots for photos in Santorini.

Cavo Ventus Santorini wedding

Cavo Ventus wedding Santorini


Some of the venues that I’d really love to photograph a wedding are:

Aenaon Villa

Has one of the most fantastic balconies, ideal for a small wedding of up to 10 people or an elopement.

Remezzo Villa

Right in the middle of Imerovigli with lots of photographic opportunities in walking distance.

El Viento Villa

Newly renovated, has a gorgeous space between two very old windmills. One is actually in ruins. Creates the perfect scenery for a romantic micro wedding.

Tip: I know a lot of you are asking your potential photographer the cliche question of “have you shot there before?” My honest advice to you, is start asking “would you be excited to shoot our wedding at that venue?” and evaluate their enthusiasm and ideas of how to make your wedding more beautiful. You should worry more of a photographer having shot at the same venue dozens of time, as they may lose interest and be bored to repeat themselves. Remember, that a wedding photographer is an artist and every artist who loves their job hates repetition!

Fanari Villas

Fanari Villas is located in Oia, the most famous village of Santorini. Needless to say that you will enjoy a great sunset. Very close to some secret spots that very few photographers on the island have shot at.

Fanari Villas Santorini wedding

Fanari Villas Oia Santorini wedding

Venetsanos Winery

The Venetsanos Winery is a venue with perfect orientation to the sunset and an open view to the island. Plus it’s a winery and you can enjoy some of its finest products.

Venetsanos winery Santorini wedding ideas

Even at a day with strong humidity, which is very unlikely in Santorini, the views are captivating.

Venetsanos winery Santorini wedding

Theros Wave Bar

Theros Wave Bar might be the only venue in Santorini with direct access to the sea and without a curfew. Although many couples that decide to get married in Santorini, want to have the view on the background, there are some that take an alternative approach. Having your ceremony at the beach in Santorini is a fantastic idea that is usually overlooked. Plus the road to get to the venue presents some great photographic opportunities as well.

Theros Wave Bar beach Santorini

Theros Wave Bar Santorini


Andromeda Villas

Andromeda Villas is in Imerovigli. It offers a beautiful little balcony for a small wedding or elopement.

Andromeda villas santorini wedding

Regardless of your choice of venue, this Greek island is blessed with many photographic opportunities and your wedding photographer should guide you on the best spots for photos in Santorini. Usually, a 15′ min drive to get more pictures is within acceptable limits. For example the following picture is one of my favorites and I’ve seen many photographers passing by this spot and not making use of its potential.

best spots in Santorini for photos

Almost every couple that gets married in Santorini wants a picture of themselves on a white roof. Please mind that these roofs belong to someone and you shouldn’t be trespassing as you’re risking to ruin your wedding day. Most of the venues offer a photographic opportunity for a photo on a white roof as they own one themselves. Consult your venue and photographer before.

wedding in Andromeda villas Santorini


This is my list of the best wedding venues in Santorini that I would love to document your elopement or intimate wedding. Hope you loved them as much as I do!

Some venues are closer to places off the beaten path where we can create images that incorporate more of Santorini’s architecture…

off the beaten path photos in Santorini

… and some are closer to the spots with the best view of the caldera. Dedicating the necessary time for pictures is crucial to what the end result is going to be. That’s why I always advice if you are getting married in Santorini to invest in an engagement session on the island. you will have the opportunity to explore more of this magical wedding destination!

best wedding venues Santorini

A piece of final advice I would like to share with you is that in Santorini, it might get a bit chill when the sun has set. So, taking care of your guests would be very mindful and appreciated.

wedding in Rocabella hotel Santorini


It’s really up to you what is your preference and how you dream your special day to be. I am more than happy to offer my tips and advice. Feel free to contact me for a consultation.

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