Fine Art Film Wedding Photographer in Greece

In this blog post, I will try to answer some of the most common questions about Fine Art film wedding photography in Greece.

Do professional photographers still use film?

The short answer is yes. But forget about the images you may remember of when you were a kid. Now we’re talking of more sophisticated scanning process and bigger cameras that do make a difference.

film photographer Greece Santorini

What is Film photography and why it matters?

Some might say that the medium used, doesn’t have an impact on the final product. Well, they might be wrong. Film photography is a relatively new “trend” in the wedding industry. It’s been around for some years now but lately, it has really picked up. A lot of presets or “filters” as people like to call them have also emerged that promise to deliver a similar result. But there is more to it. Some of the top wedding photographers in the world are currently turning to film photography. Fine Art wedding photographers surely use film cameras as their preferred medium.

Please have a look at the following images:


film photographer Greece Santorini-2

Fine Art Film Wedding Photographer Greece Fine Art Film Wedding Photographer Greece

Fine Art Film Wedding Photographer Greece Now, I know that sometimes even the trained eye can’t spot a difference between a digital image and a film scan. Let me help you understand what is the true difference and why it’s important. Shooting film is expensive. The cost of every roll for a medium format (MF) camera, the shipping cost to the lab, the chemicals for developing the film and the editing process. It involves a lot of people and time. you get the picture, no pun intended. A film photographer who knows that every click matters is going to be more concentrated, paying more attention to detail and eventually caring more about the final product. What I found out by shooting film and being one of the first film wedding photographers in Greece, is that film slows me down in a good way. I feel more relaxed and thinking more about my shots, rather than firing away and hoping I got one.

Fine Art Film Wedding Photographer Greece

film photographer Greece Santorini-3

What is hybrid wedding photography?

You may have stumbled upon the term “hybrid wedding photographer” too. What this term means is that the wedding photographer incorporates both mediums, film and digital in their workflow. Like myself. I will take a mix of film and digital photos depending on the lighting conditions.

Is film photography better than digital?

Film has a certain nostalgic feeling to it. If you can see it in the above images, then you can grasp it. There is no direct to answer to what is better than the other. There are two different things and getting the best out of both these worlds is what you (your wedding photographer, to be exact) should care about.

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