Tips for hiring the best wedding photographer in Santorini Greece

Santorini is one of the best destinations for weddings in Greece and for numerous good reasons. You can read 4 good of them here.

Hiring one of the best wedding photographers in Santorini is a crucial part of keeping your memories vivid and alive for years to come. Wedding photography may be the only part of your budget that its value will increase over time! Take a moment to think about that. As a married person myself, I know first hand how important is to have quality photos of your loved ones all dressed up!

Let me offer you some valuable insights of what you should be aware of when selecting your wedding photographer in Santorini.


This one has a dual meaning. The first is how experienced is your wedding photographer, meaning how many years they have been in business, how many weddings have they covered so far and also what is the experience they will provide you with.

Experience is essential when it comes to hiring any wedding vendors, but a few notches under the belt is even more important when it comes to a destination wedding. While many photographers may jump at the chance to shoot a wedding in a beautiful location, there are many issues that come with it that you want them to be able to anticipate.

Wedding Photographer in Santorini

The light on your wedding photos

Santorini is known for its whitewashed houses. That’s is amazingly beautiful but also can pose a serious threat to un-experienced photographers who cannot handle the light reflecting off from everywhere or haven’t used to shooting in these conditions. Imagine that for a photographer who shoots weddings in the Northern Europe or the US, how difficult will be to adapt to these light conditions. Greece has a lot of excellent wedding photographers, for this very reason. Greek photographers are trained in one of the most difficult arenas, light-wise. With all the white walls around you, it’s just too easy to blow out the highlights in the background and end up with a washed out photo. To me, selecting an idyllic location like that is all about capturing its grandeur in your wedding photos, not missing it out.

The best spots for your wedding photos in Santorini

Santorini can also be a warm destination, especially in the summer months. As you already know it’s an island full of cliffs, which means a lot of climbing up and down steps. You don’t want to sweat in your wedding dress on your special day, right? An experienced wedding photographer in Santorini knows how to cut corners and get you to the best spots of the island.

As a second point that I would like to stress out, is that selecting the best wedding photographer in Santorini, means that he knows the island inside out. He knows all the beautiful spots that you can visit and have your stunning wedding photos. He can provide you with a variety of locations, the popular ones and also some off the beaten path. So please go ahead and check at their portfolio that you see a variety of locations.

The cost of a wedding photographer in Santorini and his experience

Also, the experience a wedding photographer will provide you with. Well, let me elaborate on that. There is a good reason why a seasoned wedding photographer charges as much as that. As a wedding photographer, I have come across a lot of situations in my career where you have to think fast, make decisions and adapt to the changes that happen at almost every wedding. This is just experience notches under my belt. Knowing how to collaborate properly with other vendors, like wedding planners, videographers, florists and so on. Staying on the wedding timeline. These just to name a few. The saying that says “you get what you pay for” has a proper logic behind it and trust me, it very much applies in the wedding industry too.

Wedding Photographer in Santorini

Trust your wedding photographer

Most couples start to plan their wedding especially if it is a destination wedding abroad as soon as they are engaged. If a couple chooses to get married in a place like Santorini, usually starts to plan 12 to 18 months ahead of the wedding. So stop for a minute and think the time and energy that you will put into planning your wedding. I am sure that you will want your wedding photos to reflect this effort. The time and money that you spent looking after the smallest details to create a memorable experience on the wedding day.

How do you choose your wedding photographer?
You choose the wedding photographer that is right for you in terms of media type (digital or film), aesthetics and professionalism. A professional and experienced wedding photographer knows how to keep you confident and comfortable in front of the camera, how to manipulate the light and work a crowd – your guests and your wedding vendors.  You choose a wedding photographer that you will trust.

That is also why I feel it’s important to dedicate some time and read the wedding reviews from other couples. See what they have to say of how their wedding photographer made them feel and how their wedding photos turned out.

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