Your wedding is an incredible and magical experience and I am honored that you are considering me to document it. I have created this short guide to help answer any questions you might have and explain a bit of how of work.

1. Make photography a priority

I know this sounds biased, but let’s think for a moment of all your wedding details what is the ONE that its value increases over time. Flowers die, the dress will end up in some closet, the food is eaten within an hour. Beautiful images of you and your loved ones are the only things you will cherish for a lifetime. When I got married, I was lucky to have my godfather at my wedding. He was really old and next year he passed away. The picture of me next to him at the church all dressed up is the best memory I can have.

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2. Define the style of wedding photography you like

You might like dark and moody or light and airy. Shallow depth of field, film and other technicalities I would need to spend a couple of hours explaining. If the images from the photographer, speak to your heart, then that’s it. Like any other art, you don’t necessarily have to understand it in depth. Just keep a note if it warms your heart, if you can understand and feel what happened on that wedding day from a couple you haven’t seen before.

3. Be future-minded about your wedding photos

What looks trendy now, might not be so in the near future. As, a wedding photographer, I try to document your special day in a timeless way creating images that you will cherish now, tomorrow and forever.

4. Look at the websites

Yes, Instagram is so much faster BUT if the only images you see on someone’s feed are from styled shoots or workshops, you will be in great disappointment! Take the time to go through a photographer’s website and have a look through a few weddings from the getting ready to the party. Ask your photographer to show you a couple of full galleries if necessary. The fewer images a photographer shows, the more they try to hide usually.

5. Take the time to have an interview

When we set up a time to talk and meet, please understand that photographers interview the couples as much as you are interviewing them. It’s not like when you are buying a car and trying to look unimpressed to see what the best deal the seller will offer you. Photography is an art and for an artist to create, he needs to have motivation. For me as a wedding photographer, I want to feel a connection with my couples. I want to meet you both. Know things about you. I always prefer to work with someone who is excited to work with me as well!

6. You usually get what you paid for

Not saying you need to get a loan for your wedding photography, rather try to make an informed decision. I always prefer to be honest and educate the couples that contact me, rather than book a wedding that doesn’t fit.

I will be happy to meet you and let you know more tips about photography and your wedding day in general! I will provide you with my complete bridal guide, with numerous inside tips and usefull information to make sure you’ll enjoy your special day the most!

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